Kidney Care Ethics Resources

The resources in this section have been curated to help you in identifying potential sources of ethical advice or insights into ethical challenges in kidney care. They also aim to inspire you as you take action in exploring or addressing ethical issues. Dive into these resources and find the different perspectives and analysis of ethical issues in different contexts of professional practice in kidney care around the world.

Societies' Codes of Ethics, Ethical Guidelines & Position Statements

Ethics Committees/Working Groups of Nephrology Societies

Journal Articles

General Overview of Ethical Issues in Kidney Care

Conflicts of Interest & Other Issues in Professionalism

Moral Distress & Experiences of Ethical Issues in Nephrology

  • Priority-setting Dilemmas, Moral Distress and Support Experienced by Nurses and Physicians in the Early Phase of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Norway
    SAGE Journals
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Journal Articles - E-Health, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data & More

Inequities in Kidney Care

Gender, Reproductive Health & Genetics

Living Kidney Donation

Organ Trafficking & Markets in Kidneys

  • Strengthening Global Efforts to Combat Organ Trafficking and Transplant Tourism: Implications of the 2018 Edition of the Declaration of Istanbul
    The Transplantation Society
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End of Life Care

  • The Ethics of Chronic Dialysis for the Older Patient: Time to Reevaluate the Norms
    Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology
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Ethical Issues Relating to Kidney Care in the Context of COVID-19

Decision Making in Adults